AOS 452 Class Readings

Class Readings
Bjerknes and Solberg (1922) Life cycle of cyclones and the polar front theory of atmospheric circulation
Orlanski and Sheldon (1995) Stages in the Energetics of Baroclinic Systems
Sutcliffe (1939) Cyclonic and anticyclonic development
Sutcliffe (1947) A contribution to the problem of development
Trenberth (1978) On the interpretation of the diagnostic quasi-geostrophic omega equation
Hoskins et al. (1978) A new look at the w-equation
Martin (1998) On the Deformation Term in the Quasigeostrophic Omega Equation
Eliassen (1962) On the vertical circulation in frontal zones
Keyser and Shapiro (1986) A Review of the Structure and Dynamics of Upper-Level Frontal Zones (pp. 452–474 only)
Uccellini (1990) Processes contributing to the rapid development of extratropical cyclones
Hoskins et al. (1985) On the use and significance of isentropic potential vorticity maps
Morgan (1999) Using piecewise potential vorticity inversion to diagnose frontogenesis. Part I: A partitioning of the Q-vector applied to diagnosing surface frontogenesis and vertical motion