AOS 452 Links

WXChallenge - A National Forecasting Contest
Official Forecast constest website
Participation in the WXChallenge is a mandatory component of this course. As stated in the lecture syllabus (available on the 452 home page), your appoach to the contest will offer some incentives for your final grade.

You may find the following links helpful while preparing your forecasts for the WXChallenge, as well as while preparing your team weather discussions.
AOS Weather Page
National Weather Service Model Analyses and Guidance
Information on
Operational NWP Models
Decoding METAR reports Oklahoma Mesonet
"Weather" program User's Guide HRRR model output
(great for short term forecasts)
Weather Underground
Interactive Weather Map
NWS office for
Southern Wisconsin
Chapter 12
of Federal Meteorological Handbook No. 1
(official guide to METAR code)
The Complete
Federal Meteorological Handbook No. 1
Archived Model Output Statistics
UW-Madison MM5 Model Output

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